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We feature a large selection of cigars in our walk in humidor, the only such humidor in Sonoma.

Special item we have in stock is the Partagas 150 C (Robusto)

Please contact us for more information on this rare cigar.


In 1995, General Cigar Co. released the Partagas 150 Signature Series to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Partagás brand in Cuba. The Partagas 150 Signature Series cigar used a very special 1977 vintage 18 year old Cameroon wrapper at the time, which means it is now almost 40 years old! The Partagas 150 Signature Series got its reputation from this very rare and expensive Cameroon wrapper leaf that was aged in a Spanish tobacco warehouse. The cigar had a Mexican binder and a vintage filler blend of Mexican and Dominican tobaccos. It instantly became acquired by collectors and was hailed in 1995 as the first cigar that could compete with the most famous and legendary Cubans.

During the time of the Cuban Revolution, Don Ramón Cifuentes was the patriarch of the Cifuentes family that owned and produced the Partagás brand since 1900. After the 1960 revolution, a newly formed government marketing agency, Cubatabaco, took over the Real Fabrica de Tabacos Partagás factory and the production of the brand. Don Ramón Cifuentes was offered the job of leading the tobacco industry of all of Cuba given his reputation and expertise, but he refused and instead emigrated from the country penniless after owning one of the world's most prestigious cigar brand. In the early 1960s Ramón Cifuentes began working for General Cigar in the Connecticut River Valley. The Dominican Partagás brand was not launched until the late 1970s because it took that long for U.S. courts to decide that Ramón Cifuentes was the rightful owner of the brand in the United States and the Dominican Republic. Ramón Cifuentes licensed the Partagás name to General Cigar, which in 1978 obtained a trademark and relaunched the storied Partagás brand for the lucrative American market with Don Ramón Cifuentes at the helm. Don Ramón Cifuentes died in 2000 at the age of 91.